Battery Powered, Cordless Intermittent Rotating Motor for Turning or Displaying Decorative Objects

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Battery powered Intermittent Motor works great for turning spinners, disco balls, kinetic art, chimes and other hanging sculptures and ornaments

INTERMITTENT OPERATION - Saves battery power by winding up a string for one second and then automatically shutting off for one minute, allowing the hanging item to revolve in the opposite direction.

VERSATILE - Revolving motor works great for anything that you would want to to rotate, turn, twist, twirl, hang or display such as a Qwirly™ MEGA or Qwirly™ Classic, or any other work of kinetic art, spinner or twister or chime.

ATTRACTIVE, SMALL, STRONG, DURABLE, AND QUIET - White color easily blends with most ceilings, making it ideal for indoor use. Works for items weighing up 6 pounds. Intermittent function allows the motor to run all day. Compact and nearly soundless.

INDOOR USE - Perfect for indoor use. Unlike the large, bulky and black plug-in motors, this white and compact motor is perfect for indoor use. Just flip the ON/OFF switch and watch your Qwirly™ or any other hanging sculpture effortlessly spin and revolve for hours in your home or office.

USEFUL TIPS - The motor works equally well for lightweight items as well as for objects as heavy as 6 pounds. In order for the decorative item to rotate properly, please attach it with a string of sufficient strength and length. We recommend a thin chain for heavier items. The motor  is compact and lightweight, just 0.35lb and 3,5” in diameter. It is portable and durable. The motor is not waterproof but can nonetheless be used outdoors as long as it is hung on the porch, lanai, or elsewhere away from rain. Six 'AA' batteries (not included) required.

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