Cuckoo Clock Set Up Instructions


Depending on what kind of cuckoo clock you have chosen (Chalet style cuckoo clock = A;  or carved style/hunters style cuckoo clock = B) your cuckoo clock needs a slightly different setup.

The cuckoo clock carton contains the clock, top carvings and any other top attachments such as antlers and deer. The pendulum and the weights (music clocks have 3 weights and clocks without music have 2 weights) are also in the carton. Sometimes the weights are not in the same box to prevent shipping damages. Please inspect the shipping box if it seems that the weights of your cuckoo clock are missing.

      1. Carefully remove the cuckoo clock from the carton by holding the clock frame. Do not pull the figurines or any other decorative attachment.
      2. Open the latches on the back panel.
      3. Remove the back panel of the cuckoo clock.
      4. Now, pull out the wire clamps that are securing the two bellows. Do not bend any of the wire connections. This might cause damage to the clockwork.
      5. Remove the cardboard under the strike gong of the cuckoo clock.
      6. Check if the extension of the pendulum is going through the slot at the base of the cuckoo clock
      7. Put the back panel back on and close the latches.
      8. Choose a place to hang your cuckoo clock. Hanging a clock by anchoring it directly into a stud is the best and most secure way to mount your cuckoo clock It is generally recommended that you use a screw with a minimum of 2 inches in length for going through the drywall and into a stud. Be sure to leave a 1/2 inch or more exposed outside the wall so the screw will fit firmly into the mounting hole on the back of the clock. It is also recommended that the screw have a large head and be installed at a slight downward angle as shown below. This is the most secure way to hang your cuckoo clock. Please note that a cuckoo clock, because of the chains, needs to hang 1,8 -2,0 meters (6-7 feet) above the floor. This height is necessary to give maximum extension to the chains.
      9. Unwrap the chain retaining wire at the bottom of the cuckoo clock and let the chains fall toward the floor. Remove any knots from the chains and pull out the retaining wire totally.
      10. Hang the pendulum onto the wire loop (11 a). and hang the weights onto the weight hooks.
      11. Start the clock by pulling the pendulum to one side and then releasing it to swing. Adjust the clock on the wall to achieve an even tick tock. To achieve an even tick tock move the case carefully from side to side (ie level horizontally) until it has an even sound. (Very important: do not turn the cuckoo clock upside down at any time after removing the retaining wire)
      12. The clock is set to 12 o’clock noon. For setting the correct time turn the minute hand (long hand) slowly forward or backwards until the hour and minute hand show the correct time. Never turn the hour hand.
      13. If the clock is not keeping good time then this can be corrected by moving the pendulum bob up to make the cuckoo clock run faster or down in order to make it run slower. Some cuckoo clocks have an adjusting screw instead which moves the bob up and down. Moving the bob has approximately the following effect: + or – 2 mm = + or – 10 Min. a day.
      14. Now you can fully wind up your clock. If you have a 1-day clock, pull each chain down slowly to raise the weight. When winding up an 8-day clock support the weight with your hand while pulling up. Always pull the chains, never the weights of your cuckoo clock. Pulling the weights can result in severe damage to the pulleys
      15. If you have purchased a cuckoo clock with manual or automatic night shut off for strike, cuckoo call and music then you will find the operation lever on the left side of the cuckoo clock or below the clock case
      16. Cuckoo clocks with manual night shut off have 2 options. Position I is off and position III is on.
      17. Cuckoo clocks with automatic night shut off have 3 options. Position I is permanently on, Position 2 is automatic night shut off from 09:00 PM till 08:00 AM and Position 3 is permanently off.
      18. Please use a soft dry paint brush to clean the clock. Please check and oil the movement at regular intervals. Temperatures below 5° C (40° F), high humidity and dust may damage your cuckoo clock. Please do not hang the cuckoo clock above a heater or above a fire place as the very dry and warm air might distort the wooden parts and dry out the oil in the bearings of the clock movement. Please also note that some 8 day clocks may run inaccurate if the are placed near a draft