Qwirly Balls

Change the appearance of your Qwirly™ Classic with a special Qwirly™ glass ball.

Cut crystal balls make the room dance with flickering lights when twirled by a sunny window while glow-in-the-dark balls make their presence known in dark rooms. For sports enthusiasts, there are Qwirly™ balls that match your favorite sport. For lovers of astronomy, there are Qwirly™ balls that reflect the planets in the solar system.

Balls can be personalize your Qwirly™ and have a Custom Qwirly™ prepared with your very own ball and packed in the custom box for your special occasion. Minimum orders are required.

Qwirly™ balls that fit the Qwirly™ mini and the Qwirly™ MEGA will be available soon.